Marcella Marinelli

University of Leiden, Archaeology of Southwest Asia
University of Leiden, Prehistory of Northwest Europe
Academy of fine art, Minerva, Groningen (2011-2015)



Great Dutch Art Calendar, featureshoot, 2021

Godinne, Belgium, private performance, february 2021

Silly Goose, part of group exhibition, Berlin Blue Art Gallery, july 2020
If only, part of group exhibition, Foley Gallery, New York City, august 2020

Stof, Galerie Noord, Groningen, solo, september 2019
The Print Swap holiday exhibition, Root Studios, New York City, participant, 2018
Van Nature, Galerie Noord, Groningen, curator and participant, 2018
Ashes, RUD Air, Sweden, 2018
Based upon a true story, Galerie Y2, Groningen, 2016
Aanwas2, Galerie Noord, Groningen, 2016
Light in Limbo, Helpman, Groningen, 2015
A day in the life of an nymphomaniac nun named Wendy, Maydays Minerva, Groningen, 2014
Vedute, Galerie Sign, Groningen, 8-21 maart 2014
Sustainable safari, interactive play about sustainability. Groningen 2013
Spelende kantoorheren, project about playfulness in an office environment,
Gemeente Noordoostpolder, 2013
One Day, Minerva, Groningen, 2012