Marcella Marinelli (1967)

University of Leiden, Archaeology of Southwest Asia (1987-1994)
University of Leiden, Prehistory of Northwest Europe (1987-1994),
Academy of fine art, Minerva, Groningen (2011-2015)

Van Nature, Galerie Noord, Groningen, curator and participant, 2018
Ashes, RUD Air, Sweden, 2018
Based upon a true story, Galerie Y2, Groningen, 2016
Aanwas2, Galerie Noord, Groningen, 2016
Light in Limbo, Helpman, Groningen, 2015
A day in the life of an nymphomaniac nun named Wendy, Maydays Minerva, Groningen, 2014
Vedute, Galerie Sign, Groningen, 8-21 maart 2014
Sustainable safari, interactive play about sustainability. Groningen 2013
Spelende kantoorheren, project about playfulness in an office environment,
Gemeente Noordoostpolder, 2013
One Day, Minerva, Groningen, 2012